Proud World Nine Online Casino The Seventh Part Seven Chapter 392 Xingyun Mountain, Paripesa Battle Begins [Tenth update! 】

Wu Juecheng’s voice was as cold as ice: “Come up, let’s fight!” Bu Liuqing sneered, and said, “Come down, I’ll fight with you!” The boss stopped talking again. Although Bu Liuqing is upright, he is by no means stupid. Today’s game clearly has traps and schemes. It’s one thing for him to come here for the Premier League’s safety, but it doesn’t mean he just stepped into the trap planned by the enemy foolishly! You go up to me? Was it calculated by you? I want you to come down to the Slot Games! Wu Juecheng rumbled lightly: “You dare not come up?” Bu Liuqing stood on the mountainside with his hands folded, proudly said: “You let me go up and I will go up? Who are you? Why, you dare not come down?” Wu Juecheng chuckled: “Could it be that you don’t want to know about Ning Tianya?” Bu Liuqing laughed: “If Lao Ning is dead, he will be dead if I go up! If Lao Ning is alive, he will be alive if I don’t go up.” Wu Juecheng, I came here today with only one purpose, which is to kill you!” Wu Juecheng sneered. The two parties, one on the top of the mountain and the other on the side of the mountain, unexpectedly became deadlocked in Betting. At this moment, Fa Zun sneered: “The famous Bu Liuqing, who is known as the number one sword master in the world, dared not go up the mountain! He didn’t dare to bet to face the challenge of the enemy. And the husband and wife teamed up for three days Fengyue, in the face of her master-killing enemy, she actually hesitates! Hehe, it’s funny, it’s funny.” Yue Lingxue’s baccarat expression changed. Bu Liuqing stopped him with his eyes, and laughed loudly: “One of the famous Nine Pragmatic Play Tribulations in real madrid, the two legendary descendants of Jiuchongtian not only despicably ambush, but also dare not go down the mountain to fight. Could it be that he Apart from bluffing people by relying on the name of the ancestors, there is no other way.

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