Chapter 380 Evolution game robbery in the seventh part of the ninefold real madrid sky!

The content is loading… 381 Author: Fengling Tianxia When Chu Yang stepped out of the heaven-shaking formation, he still felt like he was dreaming. It was snowing heavily outside, and the whole world was vast. The dancing snowflakes hit his face, giving Chu Yang a sense of ethereal tranquility. He didn’t stretch his posture, but walked out step by step in the snow at the usual Mozzart pace. In this kind of obscurity, Chu Yang’s mind was exceptionally sober. After thinking about the things here, he remembered Mo Qingwu’s strange dream… and that mysterious number one talent in the previous life, Xue Leihan. There must be a connection! Chu Yang said silently in his heart. From a distance, several eyes looked at him at the same time. live betting Bu Liu’s eyes were like a falcon’s, and he looked at Chu Yang who was trekking for a moment. They were separated by thousands of feet, even if they had no mercy, they still couldn’t see clearly; they just locked Chu Yang’s position with Qi. Chu Yang won the first place, and if he comes out now, it proves that he has Butianyu in his bosom! Butianyu, someone must have an idea. So the current Chu Yang would be very dangerous. On the other side, Feng Yurou and Yue Lingxue stood side by side in the snow, both of them had complicated expressions. “Butianyu, it’s finally refined.” Feng Yurou seemed to be muttering to herself. “Yes.” On the livescore of Yue Lingxue’s handsome face, there was a trace of sadness: “Over the past ten thousand years, all the previous Dharma Masters have devoted themselves to assisting the Nine Tribulations Sword Master. If I let the seniors know that now The only law enforcers of poker are the bet game. Our husband and wife are still insisting on this goal, but the others have all given up… But

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