The 360th Rumble Chapter 360 of the Seventh Part of the World-Proud Nine Champions League Tianya intercepts and kills Ning Tianya【! 】

Fengling Tianxia’s works collect good books, publish original welcome rumble welcome you original among the fifth family I want fifth Qingrou sitting on a chair facing a Bet9ja situation map in front of me, without saying a word. [] In the past few days, he has been studying this every day, sitting in front of the desk for a whole day. “The secrets of heaven are completely chaotic. Unpredictable.” Fifth sighed softly. Focusing on the situation map in front of him, his brows were deeply frowned into a word ‘Chuan’. After a long time, he still sighed helplessly: “No solution!” He smiled wryly: “I think Chu Yang is also suffering from a headache now. It’s about to break apart… But the situation in front of me is really unsolvable. There is no other way except for a violent breakthrough.” “This situation seems simple, but it fully utilizes the arrogance of the extremely strong , Conceit, and prestige! The strength of Chu Yang…is strong…” Thinking of this, Wu Qingrou’s eyes lit up, and he murmured to himself: “It’s actually not unsolvable Surebet247. Because among them, in the Nine Heavens On the mainland, there is still a huge variable that has not appeared here. That is Ning Tianya… If… If it starts, Ning Tianya will come, one inside and one outside, this game will be solved in real madrid! It’s just…they Would you consider Ning Tianya’s variable livescore? Or…Sportybet…Will Ning Tianya catch up?” “In such a situation, Ning Tianya will definitely come.” “God’s will is chaotic!” Fifth Qingrou Spinmatic sighed With a sound, he frowned and sat back in the chair, frowning and meditating. “If Chu Yang loses here, the fifth family’s plan will be wiped out… But at present, it seems that Chu Yang has no hope of winning at all.

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