Betway Proud World Nine Heavens Chapter 340 Surprise of Spinmatic Part Seven! Reunion! [! 】

The members of the nine major Slot Games families all baccarat with mournful faces: This is also called taking advantage of my mother…Everyone come to take advantage of me Surebet247! This is pure shamelessness! Zi Xieqing was not polite. Someone brought Zijing, and she instructed Chu Yang to put it away. Dong Wushang, Wanjie and the others were dumbfounded! I’m dizzy… This big sister Zi is actually such a mighty character! One person, one sentence, crushing the Nine Heavens! The subsequent auction became lively. If the nine families want to get a medicine, they must bid! And the bidding is crazy! Absolutely no unsold: In case of unsold, this strong man will say again: How did the nine of you make this thing unsold? I think it is very valuable, do you Leap think it is not worth Endorphina? Then every Parimatch family pays double… Then it’s not worth the money… Under such circumstances, everyone in the nine big families complained. How many amethysts can be consumed like this? All of them couldn’t help but look at the box that the Big Four couldn’t afford to mess with, and prayed in their hearts: Quickly bid, bid. We couldn’t hold it any longer… Finally, when the Black Blood Vermillion Fruit was called, Bu Liurui offered a price: “Amethyst one hundred thousand!” This price is indeed not high. The starting price of the black blood vermilion fruit is 100,000. This guy didn’t even add a single word. The nine big families breathed a sigh of relief, my mother-in-law, each family has bought more than 30 elixir plants in a short time, and the stock of amethyst they brought is basically consumed. Bu Lian made an offer, just in time, let this guy take the lead for a while. Well, it’s not that we don’t want to cheer, but we can’t afford to provoke this guy… Bu Liuleng opened his mouth, and Betway fell silent. everyone is lucky

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