The Nine Heavens of Aoshi are brilliant and mighty, only Aoshi! ! BGaming! Betway!

The beginning and end of a fantasy novel always depends on the author’s exhaustion, but Betway felt that the bookstore was dissatisfied and voted for Junsi Xuqianyuan (what you are really reading is the latest section of the new century’s hard work for you: the seventh part of Jiuzhong Tianque is brilliant and powerful, only proud of the world! Ask for a monthly ticket!!!, it is convenient for Betting to be online if you want to be online, and download if you want to download. This is the case in the new century, just to be able to read good books with everyone, and to build a healthy and civilized free reading for everyone holy land!) for three years! From a penniless little author to today, three years and seven months! I remember when I was writing the legend of Ling Tian, ​​I worked hard and walked on thin ice. When you were young, everyone was talking in the group, and a brother asked me, Fengling, if one day you become a master, will you think of us? At that time, I replied: I have never expected it, and you are the cornerstone of my most difficult time, and I will never forget it! Before I knew it, more than three years had passed. Of the more than a thousand brothers back then, there are less than three hundred of them who are still by my side. But until now, as long as the original brothers join the group, I will come out to welcome them. Seeing that the older brothers from the premier league voted to post book reviews, they would always reply. I want a glass of water, you gave me a spring! People, don’t forget your roots! Brother is always there! I just hope that the brothers who were live betting back then are happy no matter where they are now! When I think about it occasionally, I will also feel a kind of emotion: At the beginning, we Zeng Lingtian! Step by step to the evil king, the brothers grew stronger. Today’s proud of the world, finally Peiran! We are a force in ourselves! Let’s rush, and the wind and cloud evolution game will move! If we move, the world will be shocked! We are always fighting! Always struggling! Bet9ja brothers, I want to say: Follow me to dominate the world

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