Night Ranger Chapter Eleven The Burning Betwayrumble Marvin (Part 1)

Unprecedented unity in flashscore from Feinan’s strength. Without any prior consultation with Bet9ja, outside pressure brought them together under the circumstances. Marvin was slightly moved. Although the professor didn’t need to make a move, he could fight against the hammer of the God of Rage alone, but relatively speaking, it would probably take a little more effort. But to Marvin’s surprise, the copper dragon’s strength seems to have grown again. In the previous life, the professor in real madrid was assassinated and fell halfway because he fought too hard with the ancient red dragon Earl; but in this life, Marvin changed his destiny roulette and played a vital role in the Dragon God’s Wrath incident. An important role, causing a Pragmatic play and all rumble tracks to change. The professor did not fight Earl directly, so he was able to preserve his strength. But now in Marvin’s perception, the strength of the red copper dragon seems to have risen to another level! This may have something to do with Die’s return. After all, at the level of a professor, it is not difficult to improve-it just takes a lot of time to accumulate. “It should be about the same as me, and the strength is second only to the guardian of the plane…” Sensing the powerful aura of the red copper dragon, Marvin became more determined in his heart. With such a group of people as his backing, he no longer faces the pressure of the Heavenly Kingdom and Abyss Hell alone. His back straightened a lot. He stood at the forefront and could feel a lot of chelsa eyes. Those from behind are all trusting gazes. They trusted him, so they stood up for him. The meaning of every legend of Feinan is already obvious. No matter who owns the Fate Stone Paripesa, it must belong to Feinan. Those strong men from other worlds,

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