Proud World Nine Heavens, Part Seven, Chapter 30, Chapter 8, I’ll Make You Betway Even a Ghost! [Fifth update! 】

Your current location: Title of the novel: Fengling Tianxiayue Lingxue When these words came out, most of the rumbles were stunned by the people present. Especially the Xiao family and the Shi family… and the other big families were all stunned for an instant: What does this matter… have anything to do with Yue Lingxue’s apprentice betting? Why did Yue Lingxue suddenly stand up and ask for an apprentice? It can’t be… the elder of the three-star saint clan is Yue Lingxue’s apprentice, right? The people of the Ye family were dumbfounded. In their hearts, that Fairy Wu was still in their own Pingcui Lake. Now that the house has collapsed, did they die? The members of the Lan family immediately became energetic, Lan Singing took a step forward, and said: “Senior, the members of the Ye family used despicable means to rob Fairy Wu this time, trying to plot something wrong, and our Lan family happened to see it, what can our Lan family say?” , I also have a deep friendship with my seniors, so I acted bravely and chased after him, but the people of the Ye family were shameless, and actually detained Fairy Wu and refused to make friends… So the juniors and others started a bet game with them. man city “月Since Lingxue took a step ahead, she didn’t know the whole story of this matter, so she nodded and said, “It’s hard work…” Suddenly, another white shadow roared in the distance, it was Feng Yurou. The sound came, and it landed next to Yue Lingxue with a swipe, and with a big Slot Games slap, Lan Singing’s livescore hit the sky and flew up in the air, like a spinning top spinning fifty or sixty circles in the air before falling down . “Rou’er, you are…” Yue Lingxue looked at his angry wife. “This is a trick of the Lan family! They want Bet9ja to snatch Qianqian first, then drink drugs and aphrodisiacs, let Lan Muxue trap the two of us, and then frame the Ye family and snatch Qianqian ,but

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