Aoshi betting Nine Heavens Betway Part Seven Chapter 296 You are here

Mo Qingwu never thought that he would really meet Chu Yang in the Premier League. () Along the way, she has been vaguely aware of the master’s evasion in every possible way. The master is probably not willing to meet her brother Chu Yang. After all, one’s own cultivation is a crash course, and the foundation is not solid at all. Traveling during this period is actually stabilizing my mood and increasing my cultivation base. How could Mo Qingwu not know this section? Under such circumstances, seeing Chu Yang would only affect his Dao heart. So Bu Liuqing kept procrastinating, not in a hurry at all, and did not take any action. Although Mo Qingwu was dissatisfied, he had nothing to say. Rumble even, she said to Bu Liuqing, “Your brother Chu Yang will definitely come to the Wanyao Da Beking Dictionary”, she was skeptical from the bottom of her heart. But at this moment, among the thousands of people below, she saw that figure at a glance. back view. The back of the black clothes. Tall and straight as a sword, but with an invisible laziness and freedom. The shoulders are not very broad, but such shoulders make Mo Qingwu feel that they can withstand all the wind and rain in the world at a glance! This back view is unforgettable. Chu Yang’s back only flashed before disappearing into the crowd. Mo Qingwu stood blankly on the top of the building, two lines of tears slowly slid down her pretty face. At this moment, she didn’t know what kind of feeling she was feeling. Sad, pleasantly surprised, astringent, a little apprehensive, a little shy, a little confused… I just feel that my heart is beating faster and faster, and it is about to jump out of my throat. I was ecstatic, but I couldn’t even make a sound. Clearly wanting to jump down, find him immediately and tell him, since

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