Aoshi Jiuzhong baccarat is uncomfortable in roulette clothes, about Wu Qianqian, say a few words

, the text text (“” copyright belongs to the original Fengling Tianxia, ​​the chapter you are reading now is: the text, add a monthly ticket to Fengling Tianxia in your free time, stimulate the spirit of the family spirit, and let his ultimate potential be fully exerted, if Chapter Discovery: Please contact us if there is an error in the text. I would like to thank readers for their support as always!) For a long time, starting from the next three days, some people have questioned Wu Qianqian’s feelings for Chu Bewayyang! The plot requires that it cannot be spoiled, so it has not been explained. Now that I write here, I can finally say a few words. Many people are puzzled by baccarat Wu Qianqian’s promise to Shi Qianshan in her previous life, dissatisfied with the Pragmatic play, and think that Wu Qianqian is impure… I don’t know if this statement is ridiculous or not. Along with the text, there is also an explanation. In the previous life, Chu Yang didn’t go to Tieyun, but actually went to Shi Qianshan. The sky outside the building needs to rely on la liga, heavy stones and thousands of mountains, Wu Qianqian is sacrificing for her father and the sect… In your mouth, Wu Qianqian actually becomes a vain lover, who is always on the loose? Others said, Mo Qingwu devoted his whole life to Chu Yang, Tie Butian devoted his virginity, what did Wu Qianqian sacrifice? When I write in detail, I always blame: We are not primary school students, why explain in such detail? But when some things are not mentioned, everyone is asking and questioning: why? What is this for affiliate? Many people are saying that such and such things should not be developed like this. So what is called should not? Let me just talk about one thing that everyone has experienced: In middle school, which boy or girl did not have any special thoughts about a certain student of the opposite sex? At that time, did you know you shouldn’t? But did you restrain yourself from wanting to? if

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