Proud BGaming World Nine Heavens Part Seven 250th Champions League Chapter 10 is full of mysteries

Everyone frowned, thinking hard, racking their brains, but couldn’t figure out when there would be such a ‘girl in black’ in Jiuchongtian? In my memory, there is only Venerable Feng Yuroufeng who can bet such a strong woman, but Feng Yurou never wears black clothes. “Then Chen Feiyu jumped out and said: ‘Girl, did you fall in love with Xiaoke’s voice at first sight? You’re actually reluctant to let go, come on, girl, baccarat took off the mask, let my brother see how you look, let’s see how you are with me My ass is more ecstasy than that one…’ As he said, he was going to hook the girl in black’s chin…” betting Nangong Sifeng is worthy of Pragmatic Play’s reputation in Jiuchongtian as “a slut”; describing hooligans molesting women, Unexpectedly, the sports betting is so vivid that even the voice has a chelsa-like taste. Everyone was silent for a while. For the Chen family, one of the nine ruling families, to have such a hooligan, I feel extremely speechless! “Wait.” Han Xiaoran frowned, and asked la liga: “Chen Feiyu cannot be the only one in the Chen family’s team! They came together, but the four supreme beings on the bright side, with a pharmacist and a few young masters to practice , Secretly, there should be a super master! There are countless king-level saints. Why, these people saw that Chen Feiyu went too far, and no one said anything to stop him?” Nangong Shifeng said: “When Chen Feiyu came out, there was no But someone in the team said in a strange voice: This girl is very arrogant. Our Chen family hasn’t come out for a long time, so it’s time to stand up.” When these words came out, the three chief law enforcement officers and Zhuge Shanyun They all have weird faces. Have you ever seen something like this? My own

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