Proud World Nine Betting Heaven Part Seven Chapter Leap Chapter 229 Happiness is only when there are brothers!

Fengling Tianxia Font: Speed: Previous Page 1 Page 1: This giant dragon’s feet are about ten feet long, with soft lines all over its body, but it is naturally graceful, luxurious, mighty and domineering. When everyone saw it, they felt a burst of spiritual shock. Almost dare not even breathe! That is a natural power! Everyone was silent for a while, only to realize that the dragon was motionless, and although there was light in his eyes, it was definitely not a living thing. All around, there are several antique shelves covered with a layer of white mist. After wiping, it was discovered that these shelves were actually made of amethyst! On it, there are roulette with animal skin cheats one by one, there are knives rumble, swords, fists and feet… basically all the weapons you can think of as long as Leap is here, all of them are here! Then there is a separate shelf, on which there is a large book of amethyst, a shining bead. In this piece of milky white spiritual energy, this bead is like a star, and it has not changed its color for 90,000 years. “Dragon Spinmatic Secret Code”! Those who are not of dragon blood cannot practice! On the amethyst shelf, there is such a line of words engraved. On the stone wall directly opposite, there are several lines of big characters engraved. “The dragon clan originated from the east of the sky. It was so long ago that it cannot be verified. Today, the Nine Heavens collapsed, and with the power of the Dragon Ancestor, BetWinner was created here! Future generations, don’t wait lightly. The power of the sky is stored here. Nine pieces of sky spirit and countless secret codes. If you can’t achieve magic, don’t leave this place.” [] “The descendants of Nairabet’s bloodline must remember that if one day they can travel to the sky, they can go to the east and finish our dragon race for hundreds of thousands of years. Sorry for the Slot Games.” Very simple and understandable few words, half written and half written, also show that this

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