The Seventh Part of the World-Proud Baccarat Nine Heavens, Chapter 219 of Betway Killing Like a Crazy!

The seventh part of the Nine Heavens Que “My son!!” The Patriarch of the Qian family let out another howl of pain, and flew forward: “Kill BGaming!” But seeing a flash in front of his eyes, two black balls of Mozzartbet flew towards him, thinking about it I didn’t want to fly along; at this moment I heard Chu Yang say with a smile; “Then. Oh, your son’s eyeballs, you actually smashed him alive…” He was almost mad with anger, and he gave an order, all directions simultaneously rushed over! At this moment, he suddenly heard the sound of a sword ‘clang’ in his ears! I couldn’t help but suddenly felt a shock in my heart. This Pragmatic play whispered softly, like the sound of shaking the soul, full of chilling, full of indifference! It was like the gods above the nine heavens, sounding the prelude to killing. Then, at the same time, everyone who rushed forward with their swords felt a “clang” sound from the sword in their hands! All the long swords pointed straight to the sky at the same moment! “Wan Jian pilgrimage!” The head of the Qian family was shocked, his pupils contracted sharply, and shouted: “Wait a minute! Are you the emperor of the sword?” Chu Yang smiled coldly, and walked forward with his hands behind his back, with a thousand sword qi beside him: ” What? No way?” The Patriarch of the Qian family backed away quickly, and shouted in panic: “Master Dijun… There may be a misunderstanding about this matter!” His Endorphina’s forehead was already dripping with sweat, anxious and frightened. Never in his wildest dreams, the young man in front of him, who can’t see his cultivation at all, is actually an emperor in the sword! The highest in my family is only the third and fourth ranks of the monarch level, and it is just a small family. How can it resist an emperor in the sword? At this moment, the thought of taking revenge against Online Casino quickly disappeared from his mind. “Misunderstanding?!” Chu Yang chuckled: “I

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