Night Ranger 200 Pragmatic play 40 livescore Chapter Lost

Two camps, two kinds of rhetoric, but they both said it so sincerely. As the God of truth, Marvin naturally trusted her very much. In Feinan’s history, the God of Truth is also known as the fair Parimatch, who is in charge of the balance of truth. It is impossible for Marvin not to believe what she said. And here, if it is just the words of the God of Deceit, Marvin may simply treat it as a lie. But there is actually another great ancient god involved. God of wisdom! When Marvin got the book of wisdom, it was actually a bit strange. The Book of Naaru, which cannot be suppressed by anything, was forcibly suppressed by some ancient texts; even if the divine power of the God of Wisdom, chelsa, is extremely powerful, it is not so much stronger than the God of Deceit, right? What happened next gave him another explanation. The God of Deceit and the God of Wisdom are originally one person. The Book of the Naaru is an artifact—but when it stands alone, it is a lethal weapon. Only the holder of the Scroll of Wisdom can control it. Not because the god of wisdom can suppress the god of deceit. But because the two are originally one person. The Book of Naaru and the Scroll of Wisdom are originally a matching pair of artifacts! Out of some kind of deceitful strategy, the God of Wisdom created a clone for himself, that is, the treacherous and changeable God of Deceit. He is the god of wisdom of the great man city, with the wisdom to see through everything, so naturally he can easily become a leader in the field of fraud. What he wants to deceive is not the world, but the will of the entire Feinan plane! He was with Lance. From this point of view, Leap,

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