Proud Betway World Nine Heavens casino Slot Part 7 Chapter 208 Despicable villain! [! 】

Hong Wuliang’s clear face twisted a little, seeing his disciple’s painful Endorphina, he finally turned his head away. (Genius/God Seal Throne) But immediately turned back: “Wuyan, it’s very good Mozzartbet, for a woman, you have to turn against your teacher? And at this moment of life and death?!” Wei Wuyan gritted his teeth : “Just a woman? Just a woman? That’s my wife! My child!! In your mouth, is it just a woman?” Hong Wuliang said coldly: “Wei Wuyan, when you were desperate, I accepted you as a Apprentice Spinmatic, carefully cultivated, and taught you all the knowledge that shocked the world, have I ever asked for anything in return?” “I have trained you from a brat who doesn’t understand anything to today’s cultivation, Let your man city shock the world, let you become famous! Have I ever asked for anything in return?” “I traveled all over the world to find elixir for you, cleanse your tendons and marrow, and lay a foundation; wind, frost, snow and dew, thousands of miles away , Have I ever asked for anything in return?” “I was injured and needed Amethyst to heal my illness; and you are also filial, I am so relieved that I didn’t admit the wrong person. But what about you? !” As he spoke, the more Hong Wuliang talked, the more he felt that he had paid a lot, and he suddenly became confident: “How did you do it as a roulette? You married a wife, and you left the teacher behind. Almost stopped several times! And you, only caring about your own happiness, left Liverpool and me alone in this remote, barren mountain! If you let them survive, I will let them live Killed them?” Hong Wuliang said bitterly: “If I don’t kill them, will I just wait for my own hair to die?

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