Night Ranger Chapter 226 Betting Emerald Ice Palace (Part 2) Online Casino [Third update]

·Everything in the Permafrost is a mystery to outsiders. After all, too much time has passed since Liverpool, and many historical materials of Sportybet have long since disappeared. Especially in places like the Underdark where battles often occur, the continuation of civilization relies to a greater extent on word of mouth, and many paper materials have been lost. Therefore, even though the United Council of Darkness has exhausted all methods and assembled a six-person legendary team, they still know nothing about intelligence. They only know some basic characteristics of dark ghosts-this is obtained at a heavy price of life. So in his previous life, Marvin had never heard of this legendary team at all. Most of these six people died on the way. Because in the final copy of the Ice Palace, there seems to be no data for these six people. You know, if they died in the ice palace or even deeper in the rumble, then their bodies would definitely be possessed by dark ghosts, and then they would help others to abuse them. This is why there are live betting levels like the Emerald Ice Palace on the periphery of the Permafrost. The founder of the Emerald Ice Palace is the king of the Emerald Dragon, Aiken. The emerald dragon is a different kind of dragon. Unlike the five-color dragon or the metal dragon, the emerald dragon comes from the emerald dream—a rather beautiful secondary plane, which is said to be located between the green sea fairyland and the heavenly kingdom. In the original Feinan world of Pragmatic play, wars and disputes were very frequent. When the Night King led his men to drive out the wild beasts, he happened to pass by the Emerald Dream. At that time, the Emerald Dream was being invaded by the abyss. As a result, with the help of the Night King, they drove away those nasty demons. for

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