Night Ranger Chapter 200 sports betting Chapter 11 Poker Enemy (Part 1)

By default, the text of Lenghui No. 24 is square and open. Even Marvin himself did not expect that after he chose to venture into the mouth of the crypt monster, he would get so many benefits one after another! Crypt monsters started killing all directions, and all the harvested elements were stolen by Marvin’s extraction system. (From real madridQ pen i house u) After killing all the way, he was able to go straight to the lair of the Dark Dragon God, and encountered a completely unguarded pool of faith! This is simply a gift package of experience hitting the roulette door, and Marvin can’t dodge it even if he wants to! This kind of thing can only be encountered once when one’s character is overwhelmed. It is really rare for a god’s secondary plane to be completely undefended. If it wasn’t for the invasion of monsters from the final star realm, Marvin wouldn’t have had such an opportunity at all. He is naturally aware of this too, after passing this village, there will be no such shop, so Paripesa has no intention of leaving the Dark Dragon God with the power in the pool of faith. Anyway, this plane is about to completely annihilate BGaming, and Marvin completely accepts this power. The high-level virtual godhead absorbs the power of faith very quickly, and in the process, Marvin’s perception value has accumulated to a certain limit again. This gave Betking Ma Wen a new understanding of the source of sentiment points. It turns out that there is still such a game. No need to practice by yourself, no need to kill gods, just plunder directly! After the perception value is full, sports betting Ma Wen naturally chooses to be promoted without hesitation! Consecutive promotions! Ma Wen’s strength has improved by leaps and bounds! The level of the Lord of the Night has also been directly increased from the previous level 2 to level 4! Today’s Marvin has 24 professional levels, and he can be regarded as one of the best masters in the entire Feinan Continent.

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