Night Ranger Chapter 100 baccarat Chapter 96 Abyssal River 【First update】

196 “Abyssal River?” Jessica keenly noticed the change in Ruiwen’s face, and asked suspiciously, “Where is that place?” Ruiwen looked terrified, “That’s the scariest place in the entire Underdark!” “Although it is recorded in some ancient books that the Abyss River runs through the entire Underdark region, across the east and west ends of the underground world. But it is too dangerous.” “It is said that there are monsters from the star realm sealed in the Abyss River. Those who explored the Abyss River never came back. NetEnt” She looked at Marvin with some anxiety. As a puppet, the Book of Naaru naturally controls Ruiwen’s mind. But the amazing thing is that this kind of control did not deprive Ruiwen of independent thinking ability. In normal times, the Book of Naaru is just equivalent to a la liga contract, allowing Marvin to be the master of these puppets, and only when necessary , the book of the naaru will completely take over their actions. For Ruiwen and others, Marvin’s life is higher than theirs. As the true owner of the Book of Naaru, if Ma Wen died, their souls would be immediately swallowed by the Book of Naaru! It can be said that only when Marvin is alive can they maintain the current state of semi-independent thinking. Her instinct Endorphina was against Marvin’s plan of adventure across the Abyss. However, what is absurd to chelsa is that Marvin is her master, and she can’t say no to Marvin’s thoughts, so her face becomes ugly, and she doesn’t know what to do. She could only tell Jessica what she knew, hoping that the Apocalypse Warlock would quit. However, to Ruiwen’s despair, not only did Marvin not change his plan after telling the horror of the Abyss River.

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