Night Ranger 180th livescore chapter 2 bone-crushing wailing baccarat [First update]

In addition to the title of Dragon Slayer Spear, the Weeping Sky itself is also a real legendary weapon. In terms of sharpness, guns and long weapons are among the best among all kinds of weapons. The reason why Marvin didn’t use Sodom’s Blade is because he hasn’t fully figured out the power of Sodom’s Blade yet without Parimatch. The Snake Witch is a very powerful enemy. If this assault fails to form a huge advantage, it is easy to fall into the predicament of fighting with the spellcaster. This is not good for Marvin. The weeping sky’s unstoppable spear tip directly pierced the viper’s vitals, as predicted in the horse’s premier league text. In an instant, the entire pile of rocks trembled. This time, with all his strength, Marvin thrust the tip of the gun into the hard ground below the pile of rocks. Even if the poisonous snake struggled frantically, there was no way to escape! However, the snake witch’s reaction was also very fast, and the snake letter suddenly rolled up, and suddenly hit Marvin’s waist. The speed of the snake letter was extremely fast, and in the eyes of ordinary people, the roulette was almost like lightning. But in Marvin’s eyes, he can even see the bifurcation on the snake letter. The fork was trembling violently, which proved that the snake witch had fallen into great pain. After taking advantage, Ma Wen didn’t chase after him fiercely, but let go of his hand and gave up on the crying sky! His figure jumped back, forcibly dodging the snake witch’s counterattack. Zizizi! The ear-piercing hiss echoed crazily in the small valley, and the sun just shone in, and the dry poplar silently watched the sudden eruption of the battle. Two phantoms flashed by, and a pair of scimitars appeared on Marvin’s hands. new book,,,,,,,,,,,

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