Night Tour Sportybet Man Chapter 166 Xiao Fei

Text In fact, Marvin also had this strange feeling along the way! In Devil City, it seems to be empty, with strange buildings and eyes, and no trace of anyone, not even organs or guardians. But in Marvin Roulette’s perception, the Premier League here is like a lively market! There is always a hazy feeling of Betking in his affiliate’s ears. He actually doesn’t know much about the live betting of Devil City City. “Let’s go faster…” He instinctively felt something was wrong. The Black Knight probably won’t give up so easily. He knows the location of the Devil City, so there may not be other ways to enter the Devil City. You know, this is the real world, not a game. There is the only way to pass the forebet in the game, but in reality, there are always many roads. Under Marvin’s insistence, the tomb robber had no choice but to grit his teeth and walk on. But the advantage of reaching the central area is that he doesn’t have to be blindfolded anymore. Even so, he still didn’t have the slightest thought of running away. He was walking ahead, and he could clearly feel the fiery gaze c behind him. The boy’s gaze was calm, sometimes even a little gentle. But when he showed a little emotion, the killing breath, which was as abundant as a vast ocean, would flood over. The grave robber has already seen it once. Such a person is definitely not something I can afford to provoke. The number of people who died under his hands may not be less than the black knight. He also had no doubts about Marvin’s words, if he dared to run away. Once caught, I’m afraid my head will fall to the ground! He has always been a very timid person. So despite being so talented

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