Night Ranger Chapter 109 Ivy [two in one man city]

Category: Other Types Author: Deep Blue Coconut Juice Title: Hathaway. Marvin didn’t expect that when he heard the name again, it was actually said from the mouth of an old monster who had lived for an unknown number of years in the autumn hunting ground of the wilderness Online Casino palace. At one point, he thought that he had heard it wrong, and that the person’s name mentioned by the other party might just be similar to Hathaway’s in pronunciation. So he confirmed it again. As a result, Winter Assassin affirmed his previous reply with certainty. The witch man city who used the witch spell to turn him into a whispering bug back then was really called Hathaway. She claimed to be from Anzedi, and she was fulfilling a very great mission. This mission is said to be related to the revival of Anzedi people and Anzedi witches, because it involved the ownership of the Cold Light Grip, which was in full swing at the time. Winter Assassin naturally refuted the other party’s request with a very strong stance. So the two sides started. Tragically, the Winter Assassin, who can kill even gods, was defeated by a series of weird witch spells. Of course, there was the reason why the Winter Assassin himself didn’t know much about witchcraft, and more importantly, the Anzedi witch seemed to be secretly helped by a certain god. The Winter Assassin doesn’t know which god it is. After all, the previous assassination incident made him on the blacklist of the entire Heavenly God Kingdom, and everyone has the possibility. The only thing that is certain is that the one who helped Hathaway in the Premier League back then must be an ancient god. Because during the battle, he heard the ancient divine language. When it comes to the battle that year, Marvin can hear that Winter Assassin himself is very unwilling. In Bet9ja’s own words, roulette is “being overwhelmed

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