Night Ranger Chapter 94 Regis Endorphina Ruins

“” The dark forest became Marvin’s best cover. Obviously, he didn’t know that he had been tracked back by Parimatch. She held a crystal ball emitting a faint glow in her hand. In the crystal ball, it was impressively shown that Mozzartbet led Marvin and Griffin all the way north, leaving the range of the Black Forest. After that, the pattern in the crystal ball disappeared without a trace. Obviously, this spell also has geographical restrictions. Marvin remained calm, his curiosity came up. His intuition told him that it was definitely not that simple for this emerald banshee to appear here. She was trying to prevent others from approaching the snow mountain. Why? And let her group go, proving that she didn’t want to cut off the traffic livescore of Black Swan Hill and Heilongjiang. She seems to be covering something Bet9ja. The black forest, the secrets, and some recent news about the 22Bet made Marvin’s imagination run wild. Anyway, already in the Black Forest, it is very convenient to go to the Holy Light City. If the demigod Minsk has always been in Pragmatic play, it is not too late to go a few days later. He followed the banshee all the way, bringing his superb stealth skills to the extreme. It took about twenty minutes before they arrived at the hinterland of the forest. Rumble here is the junction of the snow mountain and the black forest, where dark stones and ghostly trees are intertwined. Behind a bush, a low entrance appeared in front of Marvin. The Emerald Banshee got in quickly. And Marvin hid behind a tree and closed his eyes. Feel the earth! His mind was completely immersed in this piece of world, he captured that unique rhythm, and a nearby three-dimensional image emerged in his brain. That’s the power of this ability from the monk

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