Night Tour Betking Man Chapter 70 1xBet Chapter 9 Abyss Blood Pool

“” In the sky, the crown griffin flew extremely fast, and an Orff acid arrow flashed past! The spells that come with this kind of staff are all instantaneous, but the attributes of the crown griffin are too heaven-defying. At such a close range, Marvin can still easily dodge it. And the other party thought of himself as a druid, which Marvin was happy to see. After all, the skill of transforming into a crown griffin is a rare ability that can only be obtained by druids who have mastered the advanced transformation technique in most cases. A gloomy and uncertain light flickered on the chelsa of the altar, and mana dragons were looming, surrounding the altar. This kind of creature cannot provide immediate combat power, but its function is similar to that of an altar, providing Balkh with endless magic power and magic buff effects. The acid arrow just now was replaced by another flying beast BGaming, and I am afraid that it will be directly hit by SpinmaticBetWinner! But Ma Wen didn’t dare to be careless now. As of Endorphina so far, the battle situation is still unclear. Balkh’s altar was very frightening due to his favorable location, and he didn’t want to approach it in person. So under his order, six shadow dragons rushed towards the altar one after another! He wants to forcibly destroy this altar! Lost the altar demon wizard and it’s not so scary casino Slot! A golden shadow flashed across the sky, Marvin was very careful not to fly very high. Because above the corridor of dead leaves, there are arcane interference and space-time cracks all over, flying too high is very easy to be involved in its Online Casino. When he gave orders to the shadow dragons before, he also let them hover at low altitude. Even so, a shadow dragon was almost sucked in by the space-time rift. Fortunately, shadow creatures are already sensitive to these

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