Dark Night Tour La Liga Man Betking Chapter 64 Chess Game

0 Coconut Writing a book is not easy——If you like this work, please move to the starting point Author click, vote for favorites, recommend, your support is the biggest motivation for a roulette author , the competition of honor, don’t forget to sign in when you watch the update! On the other side of the nightmare realm, Marvin, who was running fast, was naturally live betting, unaware that the two existences of the most powerful Spinmatic in the universe were having a serious conversation. After getting the crystal statue, he must find a way to leave this world immediately. It’s just that this is the outer plane. Although Marvin has the ability to enter the shadow plane, he only obtained the coordinates and permission to enter the shadow plane from Feinan. If you rashly try to get into the shadow plane, not only may you enter some weird worlds, but you may also be swallowed by shadow monsters hiding in the shadow plane. As Louise said, coming to this plane will face many dangers. At that time, Marvin was still confident that he could leave, but unfortunately, Louise agreed. He couldn’t get out of the nightmare realm. As early as the first time he escaped from the ancient well, Marvin used the toolkit 1xBet that Madeline gave him to build a temporary portal. The destination of this portal is naturally the White River Valley. But what gave him a headache was that the effect of this baccarat temporary portal was blocked! This means that someone has blocked the way to Feinan from this plane with powerful force. The only chelsa Madeline made was an ordinary interplanetary portal. In fact, no matter how powerful a legendary wizard made a portal, it might not be able to bypass this powerful force. Marvin felt the evil spirit from the power coming from the portal

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