Night Ranger Chapter 49 Gemini chelsa face [Endorphina first update]

“Regret Slot Games?” Betting “Regret what? What happened?” Marvin asked a little strangely. Butterfly’s face looked ugly. This is unprecedented. In his impression, this wood elf has always been heartless, and has an indifferent attitude no matter what. Could it be that something very unpleasant happened just now? But Die didn’t answer Nairabet’s words, she just said to herself: “I regret it…” Then her complexion changed, and she was a little fierce: “That red copper dragon is really treacherous, knowing that I am very curious. , To actually use this kind of mystifying method!” “I must punish him!” Marvin was startled. Although he is used to the strange words that Die’s livescore often says out of his mouth, it is still a bit difficult for a small spirit who is less than the third level to deal with a primordial red copper dragon, right? Marvin thought to himself that this idea is already euphemistic enough – what is a little difficult? Obviously it’s impossible, okay? “Professor? What’s wrong with him? Why am I getting more and more confused?” Marvin asked with some concern. Butterfly’s complexion is still a little ugly. Her attention finally focused on Marvin, and she said with a complicated face: “I finally understand why you give me such a strange feeling about Online Casino.” I just handed things over to someone casually…” “What’s so good about you kid? You’re greedy and cruel. You think you’re resourceful, but you’re actually a fool.” She rolled her eyes and scolded Marvin, but gently stretched out her hand . Tried to touch Marvin’s face. Suddenly, her expression and baccarat demeanor changed

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