Night Live Betting Ranger Chapter 22Bet Chapter 34 Heart of Morrigan

34 In Xiaoxiaoqi’s previous life, since the players entered Feinan half a year after the cataclysm, many forces in Liverpool had already recovered from the cataclysm. At that time, it was an organization called Livescore, the Scorpion of Dreams, that controlled Steel City. The name sounds good, but its predecessor was a gang of bandits entrenched in the affiliates in the northern valley of the City of Steel. There are no wizards in this group of bandits, and the leader of Roulette is quite determined, and he is a well-known mercenary in a certain city-state in the north. Later, it was said that he had committed a crime and had to flee to the south, but he also recruited some people to do some robbery business. It’s just that his methods are very vicious, not only robbing, but also killing people without leaving a living, rape**********, plunder* commits all sorts of crimes. Although it is not a legend, it also has the strength of a quasi-legendary. Under his rule, all bandits who lost their minds due to chaotic magic power were all killed on the spot. In this way, although their group of people lost some people, they didn’t lose their vitality. After the cataclysm, they cleaned up the monsters and demonized wizards near the valley bit by bit. Later, Paripesa somehow seemed to be supported by some mysterious power and became the fat of the city of steel. the controller. Marvin is not very familiar with this background, because when he passed through the era of Steel City, the players had already destroyed the Scorpion of Dreams by Betting, and several unions divided the resources of Steel City equally. It’s just that Marvin watched the video of the trade union dungeon battle carefully. as a professional player. He was fascinated by these things. It was also in that video that he learned about the most important location in the City of Steel! BGaming indeed, Steel City is rich in Mozzartbet weapons.

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