Dark Night Tour Sportybetman Chapter 6 Spinmatic Magic Wizard

Outside Fei Nan, the gods of the heavens were in a mess. Eric, possessed by the star champions league beast, attacked frantically. He knew that his awakening time was limited. After Marvin wakes him up Parimatch this time, he will soon disappear in this Paripesa world. Before his soul dies, making one last contribution to this world is also the last meaning of his lingering life. Although this small star beast is not the kind of terrifying existence that destroys heaven and earth, its combat power is still very impressive. Especially under Ai BGaming Rick’s completely reckless style of play, many gods are deeply scrupulous. The magical arts that the gods are best at have a relatively low effect on star beasts. With Eric’s unique resistance, he can resist the magical arts of the three main gods without any harm. The power of this star beast at its peak is really shocking. However, the gods can also see that Eric is already at the end of his battle. As long as he withstands this burst of eruption, it will be difficult for him to cause too many storms. What really makes them feel uncomfortable about livescore is the three guardians of the plane. They played more conservatively than Eric and hid behind the cosmic magic pool. With the cosmic magic pool to provide them with protection, they can safely attack the little rumble god who is being hunted down by star beasts. The few new gods didn’t pay attention for a while, and almost fell into the way of the guardians of the three planes. It’s just that the gods are gods after all, and every god has passed through the new pen fun house.

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