Night Ranger Chapter 14

Before the catastrophe in the second volume, the words of the Grand Duke before the catastrophe in the second volume are obviously quite convincing. √∟, his tone was very sincere, and Marvin could feel that he did not use any charm spells on himself. Every word he says comes from the bottom of his heart. Deroth Cleland. The name hovered in his mind like a spell. The Grand Duke’s face was a little serious: “Have you really seen him?” Marvin nodded slightly. “Nine layers of hell roulette.” The Grand Duke was silent. He propped his forehead hard, as if he was sorting out his thoughts: “Over the years, I have been working hard to find traces of him. It’s just that he is very cunning. Although I have feelings for him, he can still block my perception of him. “” “I only know that he is still in the world of Sportybet. In fact, I knew that he wanted to take Di Luosi’s head away. After all, we are soul twins in Liverpool.” “But I didn’t stop it, because I think I My younger brother’s talent is fully qualified to have it. Livescore but later, it seems to have developed to the bad side.” Marvin shook his head: “Perhaps with the passage of time, the soul power gradually disappeared?” The Grand Duke smiled. Silent. Ma Premier League Wen was a little embarrassed. He himself felt that these remarks were unreliable! If the Grand Duke and his grandfather are Pragmatic play soul live betting soul twins, this gifted psionic ability will not disappear until death. However, it is impossible to convince Ma Wen that his grandfather is dead just based on the Grand Duke’s few words. In the Nine Hells, if it wasn’t for his help, it would be difficult for Marvin and Ibrahimovic to get out of the predicament at that time. Not to mention he gave Marvin two things. only. Now it seems

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