Dark night flashscore ranger chapter 100 chelsa is in trouble

100 Novel Banner Madeline was seriously injured, but under the control of the Book of Naaru, she had no choice but to obey Marvin’s order and open the portal. Marvin gasped, and a stern look flashed in his eyes. It’s only been a while since I’ve been away, and the territory has undergone such a drastic change? Even Madeline was seriously injured like this? The Southern Wizarding Alliance is indeed a puppet controlled by Mingfeng. He had been ignoring this point before. After all, the White River Valley is still a legitimate alliance territory of BGaming in name. Marvin is empowered by the league, through no fault of his own, and cannot be easily taken away by BetWinner. But this time, under Mingfeng’s secret operation, everything became different. Most of the legendary wizards don’t know what’s coming yet. Those who know the inside story are, after all, a very small minority. Most of the legendary wizards in the Southern Wizarding League were blinded by Mingfeng. This time, there were actually two legendary wizards who put pressure on the White River Valley, from the east and west directions, vaguely implying military suppression. Spinmatic was something Marvin didn’t expect, and it wasn’t something anyone else thought of at all. All the affiliates in Gemstone Bay are panicking now, and there are rumors that Viscount Marvin must have offended the high-level figures of the alliance, otherwise this would never have happened. There were even rumors that Viscount Marvin had died a long time ago. Some people said that after seeing his dead body, he was sanctioned by the high level of the alliance because he had betrayed the Nairabet alliance. This rumor must have been released by Mingfeng herself. Because in the book of the naaru. What Ma Wenhua showed Mingfeng was that he had been killed by the fake NetEnt Hathaway. However, he did not expect that Mingfeng killed himself.

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