Night Ranger Chapter 86 Seventh Evolution gameforebet tower

The first volume of the nobleman who lost his territory Author: Dark Blue Coconut Juice Works: Permanent Domain Name of this site In the ruins of the barren tower, the most common are all kinds of violent magical beasts. ★New thinking members, if it is not too hard to suppress the abilities of professionals here, Marvin is even going to consider this place as a place for sports betting to gain experience. But now his strength has been greatly weakened. In fact, if it hadn’t been suppressed by the magic circle left by Mage Mikansi, when Marvin encountered an illusion trap before, he could have avoided the black flame melting with his shadow. Rock mage’s self-destruct. This slight injury is naturally nothing to Marvin, who has the patience and super tenacity, but it also reflects the suppression of outsiders in this place from the side. When he was in Lost Villa earlier, some of Marvin’s skill lists were still bright. Such as Shadow Escape. But once Betting entered the ruins of the barren tower, Marvin felt the power of the flashscore seal continue to strengthen. All skills have entered the BetWinner gray state. This is the same as when he was in the cold demon cave. Looking at the menacing magic beast, Marvin gently raised his knife and solemnly faced the enemy. Fortunately, he still has desperate knife skills! This magical Leap beast is small in size, and its original shape may be some kind of small animal, but under the long-term pollution of arcane radiation, it has produced a terrifying mutation. This kind of chelsa is not uncommon in the exploration of ancient mage ruins. In the corner villages of the Feinan Continent, there are often some strange murders of BGaming, such as the murder of the magic sword, the bloodshed in the blacksmith’s house, etc. These are the most common small tasks that newcomers encounter when they first start. And its root, most likely all

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