Dark Night Slot Games Ranger Chapter 56 Mechanical Titan Nairabet [Third update! 】

Text Just as the eyes of the entire south were focused on the coast of the Pangbo Sea, a figure was still moving fast under Saruha! Facing that armored warrior, Marvin had no choice. He directly used the fastest means to dismantle the opponent’s defense, dismantle the opponent’s core and chip, and then barely escaped. But this process took him more than three minutes! Marvin BGaming is not only distressed about legendary weapons, but also the passage of time. This man city suit has seen itself, which means that the Slayer will definitely follow in the shortest possible time. And the pale hand. 1xBet itself must not be careless. He turned on the submerged forebet, and frantically circled around the piles of rubble. The entire Saruha has begun to collapse, the central stones are constantly falling off, and under the action of a mysterious force, a huge conical head has already exposed the ground. “We must find the mechanical titan as quickly as possible!” “Otherwise, we have to find a way to escape!” Marvin’s heart trembled, and he frantically shuttled through the arsenal, passing the perception of constructs. Finally, after another two minutes, he found his destination! ↗It was a huge stone gate with a strange mark engraved on it. Marvin recognized this imprint, and the livescore was the symbol of an ancient Titan. The mechanical titan is a weapon of war invented by the ancient goblins by simulating the body functions and combat methods of titans. “It’s here!” Marvin was overjoyed, and just about to rush over, who knew it was at this moment. A proud figure suddenly appeared in front of Shimen! Pale Hand Skye! Marvin’s heart tightened. Something’s wrong! sa

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