Night ranger forty baccarat chapter two evil spirit man city enchantment

The text passed through the dark and narrow tunnel, and a small ladder appeared in front of it. Marvin barely straightened up, climbed up the ladder, pushed away a rusted manhole cover, and a more rotten smell came from all directions. The blood race followed behind him, and could not help but frown when he smelled the smell. “Is this the living area of ​​the former Saruha Goblin?” Evolution game Obviously, it’s not that NetEnt doesn’t know anything about this place. The vampire champions league is somewhat of a clean freak, and this rotten smell made Gervin feel particularly uncomfortable. He couldn’t help urging in a low voice: “Let’s go through this area quickly.” Marvin shook his head. “If you want to escape the hunting of the pale hand, follow me.” After saying this, Marvin accelerated and walked deep into the living area. Gervin frowned and could only follow. In the quiet living area, from time to time, there will be a low sound of wind from the hospital. These rumors masked the tight movements of the evil spirits. Ever since the two of Marvin walked out of the manhole cover, they had already received orders from two evil spirit messengers. A huge encirclement is slowly forming. In the fog, Marvin closed his eyes, but a three-dimensional image of Parimatch appeared in his mind. One by one, the red dots, hiding in the gaps of the building, are staring at themselves. Gervin followed closely behind Marvin. Obviously, this leader of the vampire Ming party had extraordinary perception. “We at 1xBet are surrounded,” he whispered. Marvin nodded. A smile flashed in his eyes: “This is what I want!” Gervin frowned, but didn’t ask further. Now that Ma Wen has such confidence, he will not be afraid

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