BGaming Night Ranger Chapter 29 La Liga Layout and Alliance [Fourth Update]

04 Fourth and fourth earlier, when Marvin rushed towards the first ship aggressively, Cerberus and Storm Elves also rushed out one after another. A la liga pet, an Endorphina minion, each chose a pirate ship as their attack target. The order Marvin gave them was very simple, that is to destroy the enemy! The fate of the pirate ship chosen by the storm elf was a little bit better. This storm elf has grown up a lot recently and has mastered a very powerful ability to control the wind. It flew lightly onto the pirate ship, forced a gust of wind, and even blew the pirate ship over! This affiliate pirate ship was already light, with an unstable center of gravity. The betting gusts of the storm spirits naturally caused the pirates to scream and howl, and fell into the Spinmatic sea one by one in embarrassment! Although most of the pirates who fell into the water were dead or alive, they were considered lucky compared to those pirates who encountered Cerberus! “Roar…” A low roar came from the mouth of the Betway Cerberus. In front of Marvin, he was very docile. However, no matter what, he couldn’t change the nature of his purgatory creature! After devouring the shadow prince’s avatar and divinity, the strength of the Cerberus skyrocketed. The head in the middle was basically fully developed, with a slight bulge on the left shoulder, and the second head began to brew again. Although the current Cerberus does not have the strength of the fourth level, it is more than enough to eliminate a group of pirates! He frantically ran back and forth on the ship, and in the frightened faces of the pirates, he wantonly bit the flesh of these hapless ghosts! Anyone who is bitten by a hellhound will automatically be sucked into the abdomen by the hellhound. What’s even more frightening is that their souls will also be devoured! for a while

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