Night Ranger Chapter 15 Parimatch Sword of Judgment [Mozzartbet fourth update! 】

The middle-aged couple in the text did not expect that their child would become an angel la liga. When she was just born, they had such a wish, so they named her. However, when their children really become angels, they are in great pain. Because even through that cloud, they can see the indifference in the angel’s eyes. That is a disregard for life. This is not their child. “It really is an angel.” “The strongest battle angel must have no way to enter this world, because it is too powerful and will be rejected by the laws of the plane.” It’s pretty strong.” Marvin stared at the angel coldly, she actually only had a pair of materialized wings, and those golden lights faintly emerging from behind were all virtual wings. Angels are used by God to inspect the world. Compared to Seraphim and the like, she can better integrate into the material world. However, it is still very difficult to choose a suitable body through this method of descending. Generally speaking, in the normal way of coming baccarat, the temple will perform a series of blessings on these babies. At the same time, when the angels of the Endorphinareal madrid descend, they will choose to keep the baby’s own consciousness, or to fuse together. It’s just that, once the landing fails, the angel itself will also suffer a certain amount of damage. Not every mortal body is suitable for a pure angel. But this time, in order to deal with Marvin, the shadow king’s son-in-law gave up his seat and the angel used the method of emergency descent. Regardless of everything, frantically and unilaterally tried each baby in the magical enchantment! And, her apparent choice of chelsa is the consciousness of devouring Mozzartbet babies. In this way, she can

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