Night Ranger Chapter 247 Conquering the Plane Paripesa! [Fifth Msports update! 】

Author: Deep Blue Coconut Juice Work: The permanent domain name of this site Marvin is not surprised by the return of Constantine. New Idea Chinese hand-written novel This powerful night walker has long said that after the Red Dragon matter is settled in FlashScore, he will return to the White River Valley to help guard it. It’s just that he didn’t expect in la liga that the date of Constantine’s return was delayed a bit. And from his return alone, it turned into a visit from a group of Sha people. The two sides had a detailed conversation. Marvin finally understood why this group of Sand people came. The Sand People originated from the northern part of the Sage Desert. They are a group of very creative people who developed the inventions of ancient dwarves—gunpowder and guns. The front-line shooter of the Sand people is also famous for sports betting. Although the cooldown time of muskets is painful and the consumption is huge, but with the Mackenzie fighting technique, the basic combat power of the Sand people can still be guaranteed. The Nairabet ethnic group has a small population and an underdeveloped economy. It has always been entrenched in the northern part of the Sage Desert and has been squeezed out by the Bai people. Constantine brought this group of Sand people here this time to discuss with Marvin whether Pragmatic Play can allow his compatriots to obtain a place to live in the south of the White River Valley. “The environment in the northern part of the Sage Desert is getting worse and worse. I went back to see it last time, and the real madrid is basically uninhabitable.” “Although the Sand people originated in Betting, they don’t necessarily end there. Although the elders strongly objected, But there are still a lot of people who are willing to come with me.” “I want to find a safe place to put them in Leap. They are very responsible people. You don’t need to give them jobs. They will find their own way to make a living.” “Really No, you still have iron in your territory

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