Night Ranger Chapter 22 Chapter 134 Metamorphosis [Second update]

Text The Black Dragon raided the City of Hope, and the Apocalypse Warlock was trapped. This is already a desperate situation. However, in this desperate situation, a dragon slayer warrior stood out from City of Hope. This is without a doubt extremely inspiring. Seeing the huge body of the black dragon Clark suddenly fall to the ground, the rumbling sound almost resounded in their ears. Cracks appeared on the ground, and even the incomparably strong city walls collapsed to a certain extent. But people still rejoice! They couldn’t believe everything in front of them, that Mr. Robin actually did it! All of this is like a plot written in a novel or poem, when the people are in danger, a hero comes to the world! Everyone couldn’t help but rubbed their eyes, wanting to see from the raised dust whether Clark was really dead. But all they could see was a sky full of dust. And in the dust of Msports, a thin but tall figure! “Long live Lord Robin!” All the Leap people shouted in unison. However, at this moment, Rory on the city wall suddenly showed a hint of worry. Marvin, who was betting on the dragon’s back, fell into a state of extreme weakness. The dragon-slaying guns were inserted into the neck of the black dragon, destroying her real madrid nerves and spine. According to theory 6⊙length 6⊙feng 6⊙literature 6⊙xue, c≤≤t, she should be completely dead. However, he did not receive any prompts for killing experience. This made Marvin feel uneasy. His strength has run out. The real man in eight seconds is over! The current him is already at the end of his strength, if he is not relying on the strength of the weeping sky to support BGaming. He might not even be able to stand up. How is this going? sports betting Marvin was panting, amidst the sand and dust. black dragon brain

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