Night Ranger Chapter 194 Leap Plane Ladder

The first volume of the nobleman who lost his territory Author: Deep Blue Coconut Juice Works: Permanent domain name of this site A few minutes ago, when Marvin saw the terrifying appearance of the star beast, his heart shivered for no reason. Thoughts! Although he knew that the star beast was very far away from him, what he saw might be the light from him a long time ago. But the feeling of heart palpitations made him very uneasy. So he secretly kept a backhand. Shadow clone! That’s right, for the first forty minutes or so, Ma Wenzun Spinmatic was working hard with golden scissors in hand. But later, it turned out that Marvin secretly played a trick. His BGaming body jumped to another branch of the World Tree and activated the hiding skill. World Tree and Ranger, Betway is the closest partner. In this place, his hiding skill can be almost infinitely increased by Pragmatic play. He condensed a man city shadow clone to continue his work. Although the shadow avatar has no divinity, the golden scissors have been activated, and the last part is completely physical work, even if it does not need divinity, it can be done. At the same time, the shadow Surebet247 avatar possesses most of Marvin’s abilities, and Marvin gave him a chelsa camouflage technique, which made him come to life. The super high priority of the camouflage technique made even a strong man like Zhu not notice anything wrong. After she “killed” Marvin, she still searched around cautiously. It’s a pity that even if the Mieshi Snakes used their divine power to forcibly raise her power to the legendary level, her perception still failed to find Marvin under the protection of the World Tree. This saved Marvin from a disaster. He let out a long breath. cold sweat on the forehead

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