Night Ranger Chapter 179 Angry Celestial Deer 】

Spinmatic shared this site to: Style settings: Tips: The reading records at the top of the page Paripesa will automatically save the reading records on your computer, no need to register All this happened so suddenly that Marvin couldn’t react. The fraudster controlled by Di Gaogeng obviously has some abilities that ordinary people cannot understand in Liverpool. She took the colorful stone directly, and then disappeared into the cave. She escaped! “Oops!” Marvin was anxious. The little white deer were also panicked. Although they don’t understand what the loss of the colorful stone means, they can sense it in their transparent hearts, which must be a very bad thing. The Trickster must be pursued immediately to prevent her from opening the door to disaster. Marvin made up his mind. It’s just a little troublesome, the assassin Holly 22Bet, Slot Games this guy doesn’t know where to hide in BetWinner. With just a quick effort, this kind of high-level assassin has a way to hide. Marvin only felt that his head was huge. Thinking that there would be a fourth-rank assassin assassinating him endlessly in the future, he was a little disturbed. He knows the deterrent power of assassins. It’s just that what he didn’t expect was that when he was troubled by this matter, a charming voice sounded: “Are you looking for him?” Madeline came late. Ma Wen tore off the blue letter paper, just to inform Madeline that Endorphina was in big trouble on her side. It’s just that things happened so fast that when Madeline arrived, she had no choice but to catch the assassin Holly who wanted to slip away—in fact, it wasn’t that Holly was incompetent, but because he was dealing with fraud before. In the fight between the Raider and the Anzura Bear, too many escape skills were used. these skills

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