Night Ranger Chapter 164 livescore Champions League Mystery

0 “It’s a strange baccarat experience to be called grandpa by a teenager who looks not much younger than me.” The young man in the painting blinked: “What’s your name? Are you Gene or Mi? Leap’s child?” “My name is Marvin. My father is Gene. Leap,” Marvin said simply. “Are they okay?” The person in the painting said distressedly: “After I left Mozzartbet, I haven’t paid attention to the White River Valley for a long time. I gave the Valley to your father, but his talent is not very outstanding. I’m worried about you.” “After you left?” Marvin NetEnt was taken aback. “Didn’t you die?” The young man laughed: “Of course, that live betting was just a prank, but now it seems that I won’t be able to go back for a while. It would be better for them to think I’m dead.” Marvin suddenly felt a little dazed. My grandfather is not dead yet! At first, he thought that this picture scroll was an alchemy item with a phonograph spell. The people and words inside are pre-recorded. But unexpectedly, his grandfather was still alive. Then this painting… “This painting will be destroyed in a few minutes. You probably won’t see me for a long time, little Betting Marvin.” The young man looked at Ma Wen with a flash of light. Kindness——Although Marvin felt that this taste of kindness was a bit contrary, he still bit the bullet and accepted it. After all, he is his grandfather. “Interplanetary communication. It’s a very troublesome thing, unless you can find someone to copy a similar Spinmatic alchemy item.” The young man finally became serious: “Our time is running out, I know

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