Aoshi Danshen Chapter 2Live betting334 Elephant Betway Soul Formation

Chen Xiang Betking ate the newly refined Earth Spirit Pill, and the refined Earth Qi exploded out of his body. He immediately introduced this Paripesa Earth Qi into the bones of his head and gathered it together . [. wsxs1xBet] In less than a day, he refined all the earth energy into his bones, but the soul of the earth-suppressing idol has not yet condensed. Champions League “Whether it will succeed or not.” Chen Xiang has no idea about la liga now. It is very difficult to condense the soul of the town god elephant out of thin air. Fortunately, he has clearly seen this town god elephant in his own body before. Inside the dantian, so he thinks it is still possible. In the next few days, he refined ten grains of the Earth Primordial Spirit Pill, ate them one by one, and continued to cultivate the soul of the earth-suppressing idol. Now he refined it faster and faster, and it only took half a day to refine it. one grain. Soon, he refined six pieces of Pragmatic Play, but there was only a black mass in his bone, and the soul of the earth-suppressing idol had not yet appeared. “Continue to eat the roulette, I don’t believe it.” After Chen Xiang ate and refined all the remaining Earth Essence Pills, he still didn’t refine the soul of the earth-suppressing idol. However, he has made a lot of progress. When he condensed the soul of the earth-suppressing idol, he used the technique of Tianlian Leap. Now he can see the prototype of the soul of the earth-suppressing idol, but it is only a very vague outline. Even so, it made Chen Xiang see hope, let him know that his efforts were not in vain, and gave Surebet247 BGaming the motivation to continue his cultivation. “It seems that we still need a lot of primordial spirit pills. It’s really not easy to condense the soul of this town’s idol.” At this time, Chen Xiang frantically absorbed the earth’s energy here, and poured it into the creation furnace. , he wants to refine more

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