Aoshi Danshen 22Bet Chapter 2304flashscore chance to enter the Dragon Tomb

Hot recommendation: “What important thing? Tell me!” Long Peijin snorted, she didn’t fully trust Chen Xiang, so she kept an eye out for it when she was resting. “Long Yingyi and his father are secretly uniting with the Evil Spirit Clan! They are planning to help the Evil Spirit Clan enter the Qinglong’s tomb.” Chen Xiang said. “How is this possible? Although they are hateful, they will not collude with foreigners!” Long Peijin was a little surprised, and said: “Besides, it is not easy to enter the mausoleum, even for the Dragon Emperor.” “Yes Is it? I heard them say that as long as one obtains some kind of qualification, one can enter the Qinglong Mausoleum! Also, what kind of grandson is Long Yingyi, he is very confident in himself.” Chen Xiang said: “Is there such a thing in your dragon clan? When Endorphina heard Chen Xiang’s question, Long Peijin was shocked, and quickly said: “There is indeed such a thing, every once in a while, the Azure Dragon Tomb will be opened for a while! Only qualified dragons are allowed to enter. There is only one quota.” “Trust me now, I just eavesdropped on what they said before Betting knew about it! What would be the consequences if the evil spirits were allowed to enter the Azure Dragon Mausoleum?” Chen Xiang asked. “The consequences are very serious. Now the strength of the evil spirits is about the same as our Paripesa. Once they Mozzartbet enter the mausoleum and devour the body of the green flashscore dragon, their livescore strength will increase greatly. By then we will not be the opponents of the evil spirits. We will be wiped out by them.” Long Peijin frowned and said: “This is troublesome!” “How can we get the qualification? We will obstruct him at that time, wouldn’t Betway let him get the qualification to enter?” Chen Xiang laughed: “

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