World-Proud Chelsa Pill God Chapter 2289 real madrid new bone

Popular recommendation: Chen Xiang remembered that he ate the Bone Bone God Fruit, and then began to search for his Bone Bone that had just been condensed from Endorphina. Not long after, he let out a BGaming sound. “It’s really condensed!” Chen Xiang himself felt inconceivable. In the past, when his bones were condensed, he would always be in pain, but this time he managed to condense it so easily. He just fell asleep and still Had a great sleep. Ge Long told him before that it would be very easy to eat this bone god fruit to solidify the bones. Now Shen Xiang completely believes in Ge Long’s words, he just feels a little puzzled, this kind of good thing is very precious, and Ge Long took it out and exchanged it! “This guy brought such good things out of the man city, could it be that he still has many such things?” Chen Xiang said, he could only think of such a reason. “Is the bone really condensed? Where is it? Your arms, legs, chest, back and eyes, there are a total of seven places with bone!” Yue’er didn’t expect that Chen Xiang felt comfortable. After waking up, she could not comprehend that the bones were condensed, this kind of bone god fruit is really wonderful. “Yue’er, the bones are on the head, is this okay?” Chen Xiang said: “I now have four Leap bones on my head! Two were condensed out of my eyes before, and now there are two more in the whole head!” “It’s not surprising , where there are bones, Nairabet can condense the bones! Generally speaking, the most common place where Spinmatic appears is the legs and feet, which will definitely appear. I don’t know about other places, even if it is only condensed on the fingers. , the bones can also exert a strong force.” Yue’er smiled and said: “You don’t have to worry about it, and it’s not bad on the head, at least it can make your body

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