Aoshidan Paripesa God Chapter 2229 Black Dragon Flower Poison

Text The golden giant knife of the Nine Suns God Emperor slashed at the Nine Suns Excalibur, and the moment it collided with the Nine Suns Excalibur, his Nine Suns Excalibur suddenly trembled, and many cracks appeared on the blade. “Bad thing!” Roulette Chen Xiang roared, the bones in his body violently absorbed the divine power transformed by the godhead, and poured it into the Nine Heavens Excalibur. He held the sword with both hands, and pressed it hard… There was a loud bang. The Nine Suns Sword that had been with the Nine Suns God Emperor for many years exploded in an instant, turning into many pieces and flying away! “Ah…” Nine Suns God Emperor roared, spitting out a mouthful of blood, his Nine Suns Knife has been with him for many years, the forebet has long been connected to him like flesh and blood, now it is destroyed, and he is also seriously injured. “You…you actually ruined my live betting Nine Suns Sword!” The Nine Suns God Emperor roared angrily. “So what? Now I’ll let you accompany that broken knife of yours!” Chen Xiang’s whole body was filled with flames, his skin turned red, and the meteor power rushed out and poured into the Nine Heavens Excalibur. “Die!” Chen Xiang suddenly teleported with a Spinmatic, came behind the Nine Suns God Emperor, and slashed down with his sword. boom! Nine Suns God Emperor’s body exploded immediately, Chen Xiang hurriedly took out the Creation Stove, and put that power into the Stove. The flashscore god emperors in the distance suddenly turned pale with shock. The strength of the Nine Sun God Emperor was not considered weak among them, and he died in the hands of Chen Xiang. Chen Xiang immediately looked at Xiao Yan. Although he was Xiao Yulan’s Nairabet father, when he asked Xiao Yuanbing to kill Xiao Yulan, Xiao Yulan already had no feelings for him and had already severed the relationship, so he doesn’t need Betway now. Show mercy. Xiao Yan was fighting with Huang Jintian in the champions league. Huang Jintian was struggling in the evolution game and could barely hold on, so Chen Xiang went over first! “I’m not like Jiuyang

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