chelsa proud BetWinner Shidan God Chapter 2214 Earth Core Evil Beast

Both Wangpin and Tianpin, which are high-level magical medicines in the main text, need a very long time to mature, at least hundreds of thousands of years, and some millions of years to mature, which is also the reason for their rarity. But the Parimatch Six Paths God Cup, with the addition of spiritual seeds, can speed up the maturation. When he, Lu Qilian and the alchemy team were cultivating in the Time Formation before, they tried to get a high-grade magic medicine, but it was difficult to succeed, and they couldn’t ripen it to that stage, even if they used many purple beads. After some discussion, Lu Qilian and Feng Yujie thought that purple pearls could only be used to ripen the betting limit of the champions league, which was only a top-grade magic medicine, but LiveScore could still replicate the magic medicines of top-grade and above-grade medicines in the premier league, only a large amount of purple pearls was needed. . Chen Xiang only saw the Six Paths God Cup here, and did not find any other treasures. He suspected that they were all in the hands of the Black Stone God Rumble. The Six Paths Evolution Game God Cup was placed here to absorb the power of the center of the earth and accelerate the ripening of high High-level magic medicine. “This jade table can emit such strong energy, could it be that there is something underneath.” Chen Xiang shook the jade table, it was actually very heavy, and he couldn’t move it even with great strength. “As expected, there must be some secrets in the man city.” Chen Xiang took a deep breath, and finally moved the jade table using the power of godhead and bone. The jade table was attracted by a force, so it was difficult for him to move it away. Now after being moved away by him, a very strong pure energy suddenly spewed out. This is the energy of the center of the earth. Chen Xiang stayed in the center of the earth in Nine Heavens World, only the center of the earth can produce this kind of power. There was a hole under the jade table, he waited for a while, and jumped down when the power gushing out from below weakened a lot. Below is the mountainside of this mountain, which is a wide

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