Betting Alchemy God Spinmatic Chapter 2199 Earth Heart Fire Bee

Text “On the Sun?” Xiao Hongque couldn’t believe it, because it was not easy to go to the sun. “It’s the center of the earth!” Yue’er said, “This is the Champions League in the middle of the Godly Cauldron. Stars of this level have a very hot core at their center, so sports betting is where the earth’s center is, and it keeps the Godly Cauldron in motion. The source of energy on Shending Star is released from this core.” “This little cat is so powerful, he knows these things.” Concubine Lian smiled: “It’s in the center of the earth, that place is very dangerous Even if Xiao Yuanbing and the others wanted to find it, it would not be easy.” Chen Xiang knew the center of the earth quite well, because Huo Lin was his brother, and he had spent a lot of time in the center of the earth. “The biggest danger should be the earth-centered beast. The Godly Cauldron is an earth-level star, and the earth-centered beast is more terrifying. It has at least ninety godheads. In addition, he can control the power of the earth’s center. Even if the god emperor comes, I’m afraid Nairabet can’t do anything to him! But it seems that the god Parimatch should have been to the center of the earth, and he has a good relationship with the beasts in the center of the earth, so he can put the treasure there.” Yue’er said. “What’s the origin of this kitten? It’s not easy!” Xiao Yulan reached out and touched Yue’er’s little head. “I’m a kitten from the Star Law God Realm… Meow!” Yue’er yelled a few times. There is also hope that Paripesa will become a large-scale world like the Star Law God’s Domain, but now that the Nine Gods Kingdom has become like this, it will stagnate for a long time. “Little cat, do you know how Slot Games entered the center of the earth?” Xiao Hongque also gently patted Yue’er’s head and asked with a smile. “

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