Aoshi Dan God flashscore Chapter 2169 Strange Online Casino God Dan

Three hours have passed since the text time, Xiao Ping sat there not understanding, his alchemy furnace was very calm and did not emit any heat, while Chen Xiang, who was opposite him, emitted the highest heat from that alchemy furnace , as if a flame would burst out at any time. No one knew what he was doing, not even Xiang Hongdao, the God Dan Endorphina, he wanted to know very much, at this moment he was becoming more and more ignorant of what Chen Xiang was doing. Chen Xiang originally planned to incinerate small water droplets one by one, change their attributes, and turn them into fire attribute water droplets one by one, but he felt that it was too cumbersome, and chelsa was not in a hurry, so he decided to use all the firepower, Use his Paripesaforebet, the fire of creation, for the Incineration of Unity. He burned it for more than two hours, and then took a look with his Taoist eye, and found that the colors were almost the same, only a small part was not enough, so he continued to burn for half an hour to make all the drops of the medicinal liquid the same color, and then he again Start looking carefully, and if the baccarat finds Mozzartbets of different colors, burn them one by one. After tossing back and forth, he only had half an hour left. Xiao Ping also raised his eyelids at this time, he had already finished, but his forehead was a little sweaty, and he looked relatively relaxed. Seeing that Chen Xiang was still practicing with a frown, Xiao Ping smiled lightly, then opened the pill furnace, and took out seven pills that alternately flashed golden and red light. He actually refined seven heavenly fire pills with spiritual light, which caused the audience to burst into thunderous exclamations. Ordinary Tianhuo Shendan can produce three or two pills, which is already good, but now Xiao Ping has refined seven pills, and it still has aura, and it only took four and a half hours. This is the master apprentice of the Great Master, although Xiao Ping does not represent

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