Alchemy God Chapter 2154 Betway does not livescore Dead Heavenly Spirit

It was only at this time that Chen Xiang noticed that Yang Tianyi was also here! Yang Tianyi and Huang Jintian went to the Star Law God Realm, and now they are back, and they also ran into Huang Yantian. “Brother Yang!” Chen Xiang cupped his hands to Yang Tianyi, and Yang Tianyi nodded to him with a smile. Xiao Baifeng was very surprised, but Chen Xiang was very powerful, so wouldn’t Chen Xiang’s master and master be very strong in BGaming? It’s just that Chen Xiang’s master and uncle are rather weird. “Little bastard, you must call him uncle in the future!” Huang Jintian rolled up his sleeves: “If you dare to call him uncle, I will beat you once if I hear you.” Uncle, if he beats you once, I will beat him ten times.” Huang Yantian laughed and said, “If you dare to call me uncle, I will definitely beat you!” Chen Xiang smiled wryly: “So, I No matter what you call 22Bet, you will be beaten.” After Huang Jintian saw Xiao Baifeng beside Chen Xiang, he said to Chen Xiang: “Good boy, every time I see you, the woman next to you is always unfamiliar to me, la liga and Sportybet also One is more powerful than the other Endorphina.” Through these words, Xiao Baifeng knew that Chen Xiang was not a good guy, no wonder Yue’er always called him a little villain before, she secretly kept a secret in her heart. Chen Xiang immediately sent a sound transmission to Huang Jintian and the three of them, telling the three of them not to reveal FlashScore’s real name. “Shen Fei, let me avoid it for a while. When you need it, just send me a message.” Xiao Baifeng handed Chen Xiang a jade tablet. She knew it as a servant, so she left very tactfully now. “I heard that the girl Xianxian was taken away, and she’s in the Emperor’s Nine Palaces. You should sneak in now, right?” Huang Jintian saw Xiao Baifeng leave, and laid down his clothes.

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