Aoshi Danshen Chapter 2131xBet9 Although BGaming is defeated, BGaming is honored

Text Chen Xiang’s face is also very dignified, this Xiao Ping’s alchemy level is really strong, he can clearly feel that he has no idea whether he can win or not, if it was before, he must be very confident.” Well, we finished it at the same time, now it depends on the quantity and quality!” Xiao Ping said. Chen Xiang nodded, and then took out the Five Elements Divine Pill from the pill furnace at the same time as Xiao Ping Leap! Seeing the Five Elements Pill they took out, everyone was stunned, there were actually six pills! It is already very powerful to refine two or three pills of these Five Elements Pills, but now they can refine six pills. Judging from the color, they must all be of high quality. At this moment, everyone didn’t dare to underestimate Chen Xiang anymore, and they didn’t dare to make fun of Xiao Baifeng for raising a man. A man who could refine six Five Elements Pills in one furnace in more than half an hour could raise two Xiao Baifeng. “Is it a tie?” said the old follower. “No, it depends on the quality now!” Xiao Ping took out a disk, and there was a small concave point in the middle of the disk, just enough to put a bet game pill, and there was a square crystal beside the middle of the disk, There are many complex spirit patterns on it. “This is an artifact to test the quality. My master commissioned God Emperor Jiuxiao to refine real madrid. Can you trust this artifact?” Xiao Ping said. Chen Xiang nodded, although the Nine Heavens God Emperor was defeated, many of the artifacts that he refined are still passed down, and they are very precious. “Okay, the square crystal on the disc will display the numerical value. The larger the numerical value, the higher the quality of the livescore. Let’s test the six pills we refined separately, and the one with the highest sum of numerical values ​​will be the winner.” Xiao Ping said at this moment of

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