Aoshidan Paripesa God Chapter 2Surebet247109 Six Godheads

The lineup of Ji Xiaozi Hell Devil Emperor is also very strong. The puppets of God Kingdom such as Hell Parimatch Devil Emperor and Vulcan have also come. It seems that their overall strength is stronger than that of Jiutianmen. No wonder Gu Dongchen was worried that after the outbreak of the war, both sides would be injured and it would be difficult to recover, “Chen Xiang, long time no see, we are old enemies, this time you have to be careful, don’t lose your life,” BGaming Hell Demon Emperor dressed in dark Liverpool’s red armor, a middle-aged man’s face is full of viciousness, even if he doesn’t exude a demonic aura, he still looks very scary, “When I was weak, you tried every means to kill me , but didn’t they all succeed, you should be the one who should be careful, a demon like you can live for so long, you should probably die.” Chen Xiang didn’t feel afraid when facing the Devil Emperor of Hell. It is very powerful for him, but now he can fight the devil emperor of hell, Wu Kaiming took out the black ball that detects the godhead, and said: “Let your people cooperate, this is to prevent people with six godheads and above Get in here,” Hell Devil Emperor also took out a magic weapon to detect the godhead, it was a forebet red bead, he sneered and said: “You also ask your people to cooperate, I am more worried about your cheating,” At this time Hell Three young and handsome men came out from behind the Devil Emperor, one of them was Fu Tiangao, when he saw Chen Xiang, his face was full of anger, he was very jealous of Chen Xiang, because he knew that there were many outstanding women champions league around Chen Xiang, and Mu Paripesa Qianxiang in front of him is Chen Xiang’s adopted sister. He felt that he couldn’t get the flashscore, so he hated him even more. The other two men were dressed in

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