Dark Surebet247 Night Ranger Chapter 139 Night Stalker! 【Slot Games 2nd Update】

The following is the “” provided by Spinmatic for you. “The salty sea breeze blows through the window, and the suppressed moans come from the captain’s cabin filled with warm candlelight. A figure with a rope tied around his waist slowly landed around the window. Inside is the captain’s cabin. Marvin sneered in his heart: “This Captain George is really interesting.” Through the transparent glass, he could see everything clearly. A man with a naked body and thick chest hair is pressing down on a fair-skinned woman and plowing hard! While doing this, the captain gasped and cursed: “Be quiet! Little bitch!” “If my father finds out that I brought a woman on board, he will have to kill me.” Women, this is the rule. It is rumored that this will bring bad luck to the ships traveling far away—but in fact, in Marvin’s view, the reason why there are few women on board is also very simple. In such a male-intensive place, any woman may become the fuse of riots. During the long voyage, everyone from the captain to the sailors will experience a very depressing process. man city they can only suppress themselves. Once there is an uneven situation, it will be very easy to cause riots. So today when Marvin came to kill George, the captain of the South, he never expected to see this scene. This captain is interesting. Marvin knew la liga when he saw the men’s clothes that didn’t fit him. He dared to bring his woman on board disguised as a man, and the sound insulation effect of the captain’s rumble room is probably better, so no one has been found. Even so, the woman still couldn’t help Endorphina let out a low moan. The captain was furious and slapped

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