Betway Ranger in the Dark Night Chapter 110 1xBet Chapter 24 Frost World [Second update]

Marvin rushed back to the tent in an instant, and said to affiliate Isabel: “Hide in the first hall! Protect yourself!” The latter nodded, but when Marvin turned around and prepared to fight, her eyes flashed There was an inexplicable look. The loud noise woke everyone up. Madeline directly flew out on the magic carpet. “Assembly!” The low horn was sounded, and the well-trained soldiers Slot Games quickly completed the assembly! The ones that Madeline brought this time were all the elite among the elite, resting and sleeping in the second hall, none of the soldiers took off their armor, and their weapons were by their side. But in just three minutes, whether it was her personal guard or the patrols of the three brigades, they all completed the assembly. As for the wizards of the chief wizard group, they were not asleep at this point! Because it was close to early morning, it was time for them to exchange witchcraft with the universe magic pool. After hurriedly exchanging witchcraft, they also came to Madeline’s side. On the other side of Mozzartbet, Collins’ guardian knight and a few magicians are all ready to fight. Seeing this scene, Ma Wen felt a little more at ease. The regular army is different after all. If it was an adventurer with a loose style, I am afraid that this will be completely unprepared. “At least five minutes.” Marvin made a preliminary assessment of Leap deep in his heart. As for the private soldiers of the nobles who were invited, the champions league was much slower. When the main force of River Beach City gathers in front of the iron gate, man city. Some noble lords are still struggling to put on armor for themselves. casino Slot If everyone here Evolution game was like this bunch of idiots, this battle wouldn’t be fought. Because just a little over three minutes later, a few rods held up against the iron

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